Monday, August 22, 2011

Pink and shiny

For months I've been good about holding off on buying yarn. I even got to the point where I just started purging it -- I obviously can't knit fast enough to use most of what I've got, so why not sell it and use the Paypal funds to buy something cute on Etsy?


And these are just *two* of the four rings I've bought recently on Etsy. The teeny peonies are from jennykim, and the foxy fox with the diamond chip eyes is from Michellechangjewelry. These two lovelies will give me something pretty to look at while I'm knitting.

So, getting rid of a lot of yarn felt good. Until I had a little extra Paypal cash and found this grab bag of 5 skeins Koigu KPPPM in pinks, 50% off from Jimmy Beans Wool.


These are likely going to become little Hexipuffs from the latest craze, tiny owl knits' beekeeper's quilt. You know you want one.

And I knew I wanted mine in pink (plus that's what was on sale, of course). I'm waiting on another skein of deep pink yarn, this one coming from a destash. From a very popular German dyer whose yarns I haven't tried yet. It'll become my Twisted Flower socks, in time for VKL I hope.


Oh, I also picked up this skein of Lorna's Laces Solemate sock in Kerfuffle. Solemate is made with some fascinating space-age technology that's supposed to cool your feet with teeny nanobots or something like that. We'll see if it passes the DH test.

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