Friday, December 26, 2008

A birth, hopes and dreams, and a farewell

Happy birthday to this new blog -- and to me! I'm celebrating (or indulging) myself with this here blog. I think it's necessary for me to have a place to share my ideas and plans about knitting. So here we go ...

It's almost the new year, and I'm planning on trying a few new knitting techniques in the coming months. The first I'd like to tackle is lace. The only problem is, the majority of lace patterns I've seen are for shawls, and I'm just not a shawl kinda gal. So scarves seem to be the way to go. The first I'd like to tackle is the Cleopatra Wrap from 'Sensual Knits.'

And I'm going to say goodbye to a skein of green sock yarn -- but which skein? I've got a gift exchange at the yarn store on Monday, and I can't decided if I'm going to give up the Hazel Knits or the Sundara. Or should I let her choose?

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