Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter cleaning

The Stash and Burn Groupies group over on Ravelry (no links, not yet in the mood to do that) is hosting a contest about cleaning up your crafting space. You are supposed to post pictures of your spaces 'before' and 'after'. I snapped some photos, then realized I wasn't planning on cleaning up this mess any time before the new year. But I thought I'd share how crafting (mostly knitting) has taken over certain aspects of my life, not to mention my home.

The place I go to most frequently to dump and pick up WIPS, books and magazines I'm using at the moment is the wooden hutch/liquor cabinet thingie in my living room. It also holds other random things like gigantic jugs of apple juice for my son, as well as his swell moon boots.

Next to my nightstand and bed are several bags of random knitting projects, needles, yarns, books, accessories and other junk. I had planned on sorting through those one night while watching TV with the Old Man. Turns out, I'd rather knit than organize whilst watching 'No Reservations' or 'Masterpiece Theatre,' or even '24 1/2 Men.'

And finally, the office/craft room, which is where all this stuff really belongs. I have hopes and dreams for this space in the new year: I'd like to rearrange the furniture, chuck unnecessary stuff, organize the crafting materials, paint the place and make it more useful for stuff like photographing projects and yarn (so productive). Until that time comes, I have to maneuver around big tubs and bags of projects and yarn. And the bookshelf holding the knitting/crocheting (I don't even crochet yet, btw)/sewing/embroidery/soapmaking/candlemaking books is about to expire. At least the 'yarnoire' (clever name created by some fellow knitters) is somewhat organized.

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