Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'd rather be ...

So I'm trying my darndest not to buy new yarn or start new projects. Must try and use up most of the yarn I own before I can even think about buying more yarn. So I'm working on a boring pair of socks using some lime-green Tofutsies I got as a sample:

Mmmm, limey. The Tofutsies is splitty and I don't particularly like the color, but the fabric is nice and cottony and should make some nice socks to wear in the desert.

I also took on a poncho project for the store. Because I clearly don't have enough knitting to do. Yeah.

What I'd really like to be working on is the Little Sister's Dress in Hazel Knits, Gerber colorway (such a gorgeous saturated hot pink with yellow undertones, I can't even come close to capturing the color) or the Marlene socks in Sundara, Peach Nectar (Yum! I do love the yellow undertones, which are in here as well).

And some lovely yarn and a pretty pattern have made their way to me from the Knit/Purl sock club. And now I feel even more homesick for the Northwest. Just look at the colors on this LavenderSheep yarn in Cascades:

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