Friday, January 30, 2009

Old and new

I decided to stop being silly and began plotting for my latest project: Pucker from Norah Gaughan Vol. 4 in Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6. I really need to give the hemp/linen a good try before I write it off as too stringy/inelastic to work with. And I think this is just the project for it.


Not to get too crazy with the new projects, I've dragged out Starsky once again and am enamored of the cables. And now that the project is getting huge, I'm more encouraged to finish! Perhaps by fall '11?


You'll notice my screw-up near the upper right, near the armhole. I had a little trouble figuring out where to start again after the decreases. Eventually I figured it out. And there was no way I was going to frog to fix this:


And to probably end the sock madness I've been feeling this month (last January was all about the socks, too - Sockuary instead of Socktoberfest?), a pair of socks from the Ann Budd book, in Panda Silk. Lovely to work with, but I'm not really enjoying the knit since I'm just trying to get the project done in time for the Old Man's birthday on Monday.


I'm in the process of labeling many of my stash yarns for sale. I'm really trying to clean house, and get more money for stash in the process!

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