Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Madness

The cast-on insanity started before March began, but whatever. Within the past 2 weeks, I've cast on for the Bird in Hand mittens, the Cleopatra Wrap, a linen-stitch scarf and the illustrious Ishbel shawl/scarf. And I'm going to start the Whisper Cardigan once I can get my hands on some whisper-fine Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb, which will probably be tomorrow.


Right now I'm caught up in the madness of the Ishbel rush. I'm using one of the Hazel Knits February sock club colors, Deep Peacock. It's coming out stunning. I particulary love the really deep blue bits of color.


It's the first time I've jumped on the bandwagon for a viral knit. It's so much fun to check the project count on Ravelry and see the number of projects increase every day! I'm excited to try more Ysolda Teague patterns. This one is written very well. I'm even considering her lovely Little Birds pattern, though I don't know how flattering such a fitted sweater would be on my growing gut. But oh, the stranded work would be so much fun ...

Speaking of stranding, the Bird in Hand is also fun and a well-written pattern, a great foray into the technique. But unfortunately I've had to frog the Plymouth Galway worsted weight I was using and am now switching to the sport-weight Rowan Felted Tweed. I was getting nowhere near gauge on Size 1's, on worsted! The upside to my completely off tension is that I don't expect tightness to be a problem with my future stranded knitting projects.

rowan felted tweed bird in hand

You know, maybe I'll put the mittens on hold while I wait for my Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift yarn to arrive. I've been bad and was easily swayed by the Never Not Knitting podcast's review of this yarn. It sounds wonderful to use, and comes in some wonderful colors.


I'm also really excited to cast on for the Whisper Cardigan. It's just the filmy cover-up I need when I step into the AC-cooled indoors from the outdoor oven that is Phoenix. It's gotten up to at least 88 today! Already! Ugh, sometimes I hate the desert ...

Ah, but the pretty wildflowers in my yard, shown here at dusk, make up for the furnace-like temps. Maybe.


wildflower house

And thrown into the mix of knitting, I joined the 'Lost' Book Club on Ravelry and will be attempting to read and/or listen to James Joyce's Ulysses. I've dragged the DH into the RAK, so at least I'll have some company in this possibly trying excercise.

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