Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time won't give me time

Where exactly has my knitting time been going? I've got a pile of WIPs this high, full of supposedly quick knits (Clap scarf, I'm looking at you) that are sitting there mocking me. And instead I'm out fantasizing about some Kim Hargreaves shrugs and tops.


I'm starting off with Glint (optimistically going for something small) from Nectar, which came out last summer. I had a look at it back then and nothing jumped out at me. Yesterday I had another look and found that I was in love with about half the patterns in there. I threw in Breeze for good measure, because of the gorgeous Georgie knit by Mooncalf over on Make Do and Mend.

Yeah, my desire to go link-crazy comes and goes.

So, for the Glint, which is 16 spi, I decided to go for Cotton-Ease. It'll give me close to gauge and will be a little lighter and stretchier than a straight cotton, of which I have a shit-ton but not in the weight I need.


(I took this horrid photo in my laundry room, of all places, because that's where the 'good' light is in my house. God, I really need to get a better camera and some photography skills.)

I'll try to use the DK cotton for some of the other cute tops in these two books, which together set me back $70! I have to say I was shocked when the cashier rang me up. Heartfelt, also by Kim Hargreaves, was only $20, so that's about what I was expecting. Oh well, I think the books are worth it, especially since I've been pretty good about reining in my knitting book and magazine spending (but not my yarn buying).

As for the title of this post, I was inspired after watching 'The Great Debate' on Vh1 -- George Michael beat out Boy George in the battle of the 80s Georges. I think they're both rad. Had to head over to YouTube and watch a Culture Club video.

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mooncalf said...

Hi, glad you like my Georgie :)

I love my Kim Hargreaves books and have a Kim Hargreaves Queue it could take me years to work through. Especially if she keeps publishing - there are two more books due out this Autumn!