Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Changing who you are

So the Glint is speeding along like an aran-weight shrug knit up on size 8 needles, which is to say 1,000 faster than the lace/fingering weight projects I've been attracted to lately. I took last night's work outside for a photo shoot, this time in the carport and sitting on top of the cooler:


I'd like to point out the tension issue going on here. To me, stockinette seems to hide most tension problems. But reverse stockinette? I have no idea why all those little bumps magnify any imperfection.


The reason for the tension problems? I throw with my left hand, which leads to very, very, very, very loose and often inconsistent stitches. Since this is how I'm most comfortable knitting, I've learned to just change needle size rather than try to actually knit with some sort of consistent tension.

Here you can see where my tension changed at the beginning/end of a round on the reverse stockinette side:


and here's what it looks like on the stockinette side:


Scary. But that's not all! I've disregarded the instruction to 'make 1 Purl' and just did a backward-loop increase, and this is how those turned out:


Most of these problems could be taken care of by just, you know, following directions or learing how to knit 'correctly.' But that would just be too much to ask of me, and this is supposed to be something I do for fun. I'll leave all the imperfections, for now.

Oh, one last imperfection. Somehow I dropped a few stitches while working on the Whisper Cardigan, and now it looks like this:



Let's hope things pick up soon.

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