Friday, July 17, 2009


Now that the HD refuses to nap, I officially have no free time to knit (unless I want to take away some already precious sleep time or I take a break at work or try to ignore a toddler crawling all over me at home. Not very likely).

So I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday and got the Buscando Azul Malabrigo worsted that I've been eyeing since I saw it a few months ago.


Yeah, I know I said I have no time to actually knit, but just looking at it and touching it makes me feel better. I'm thinking some sort of intricate cabley thing that plays up the crazy brightness of the yarn. I'm not sure 'baroque' is the right word, but I want something that is really different. We'll see.

I also picked up the new Knitscene magazine and was again disappointed. Both it and Interweave seem to have lost their edge, while Knit.1 has gotten a lot more sleek the last few issues. The only two things I found interesting were these:



and neither of them is very exciting.

I need something a little crazy right now. Where are the innovative patterns? Anyone know?

What else did I buy during my retail therapy session? Some more Knit Picks interchangeable tips and cords. Also 7 skeins of Noro Taiyo to make the Giant Granny Square like Cosmic Pluto's. Hooray for crochet!!! But maybe I should wait to say that until I actually try crochet ...

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