Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And again with the starting over ...

I worked all weekend on the Mondo Cable Cardi and have come to realize my stitch count is off by a bit. What to do? Frog it, of course.


It's depressing that I'm deciding to frog again instead of trying to salvage hours of work, but that just shows you how lazy/crazy/stupid I am.

So, enough with that. Here's my final shipment of the Madelinetosh Magnolia Society. First is intense:


Eyre in Brothers' Grimm


Pastoral in Bosphoros

and pale:


Eyre in Hosta


Pastoral in Estuary.

I think I'm yarn-clubbed out for now. Since I'm focusing on sweater projects, these smaller amounts of yarn aren't as interesting to me. But they're definitely gorgeous, especially the Eyres. Lord, they're sooooooft, so soft that it almost doesn't feel like anything when you're touching it, if that makes sense (probaby doesn't).

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