Friday, September 11, 2009

Starting over again, naturally

So I've picked up the Silken Scabbard out of the WIP pile. Actually, I'm not really picking it up out of the WIP pile -- I'm casting on for it again. Even though I have this much done already:


Am I the only person who does this -- puts down a project, only to pick it up later and not know where I am in the pattern, and, rather than use a little brain power to try to figure it out, I just say, oh well, I'll just start over. I must have too much time on my hands since I'm knitting and reknitting things, right? Oh, so wrong.

I decided to try this one again because I've been craving working with a shiny, silky, scrunchy yarn after using the Malabrigo for the Vine Yoke Cardi. I need some sproing, dang it.

Speaking of sproing, I got my Dream in Color Classy yesterday and need to swatch for the Mondo Cable Cardi. Oh my is this yarn soft and sproingy. And the color -- Cloud Jungle is heavenly. Amazing how many different colors are in there, yet they combine to give a very muted look. Love it.


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