Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Swell

Last evening I was privy to some good music and fantastic knitwear.

The Swell Season -- the pair who starred in the movie 'Once' a few years back -- were in town promoting their new album. They opened the show with a song from that movie, 'Fallen From the Sky,' and cheekily sat together on the floor to perform the song, just like they did in the movie. Marketa played a silly little keyboard and Glen played guitar and wore a knit beanie with a pompom on top. Fabulous.


Crap phone photo and video, etc. above, taken by me.


A much better photo, borrowed from Victor Palagano/NeW TImes

My cousin's husband also was wearing a lovely knitted earflap hat (that he had bought, ugh) at the concert, but I wasn't able to get a photo of it. But now I have an idea for future presents for him ...

I'm finishing up the back of the Superchunky Cables cardigan for the DH. Thank goodness for superchunky yarn, otherwise this thing would have little chance of being finished.


In addition to the Adult Surprise Jacket I'm making for the LYS, I'm also knitting a Quickie Cowl in a new 100% alpaca yarn we're getting into the shop, Country Comfy Yarns from Mona, Utah. It's the first time I've workerd with 100% alpaca and it's got a really interesting twist and thick, soft hand.


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Penny said...

Lucky, you got to see the Swell Season! I really like them.

Sweater's looking good.