Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Communication breakdown

Technological problems, as well as my usual laziness and intermittent illness, have kept me from posting. But now that I've got a new computer, I'm set!


Too bad that the new computer cost so much that I can't afford to get a new camera. Above is a snap from the computer's camera/video thingie, not the greatest. You see the French Press Felted Slippers (haven't yet sewn on the strap/flap and button), the languishing Damson (I just can't seem to get the increase eyelets lined up right) and some plain toe-up socks. There are way more WIPs lurking around, but let's not overwhelm ourselves on our first day back, right?

My planned trip to Stitches West has been canceled. Instead, I'm going to Chicago for a family event, and I'm actually looking forward to it. I was excited about going to Stitches, but not excited about the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars on yarn when I have so many WIPs and tons of untouched, gorgeous yarn sitting in my yarnoire. So, Stitches will have to wait for another year. Don't worry, I plan on visiting at least one yarn store while in Chicago, probably the much-hailed Nina.

And now, here are my Crafting Resolutions for 2010:

Go ahead and try needlepoint/crochet/sewing/leatherwork or whatever other craft is currently catching my eye. Why wait?

Try as hard as possible not to buy yarn/other craft supplies without having a project in mind first.

Read patterns/instructions ALL THE WAY THROUGH before starting!

Actually read some of the dozens of knitting/craft books/magazines I own. Don't buy a book/magazine unless it's really inspiring or there's a project/pattern in it that I want to make.

Get rid of yarn I don't want -- forget selling most of this yarn. Just donate it.

Set realistic goals/deadlines for projects. Try not to keep finish time open-ended.

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