Friday, February 26, 2010

Invisible knitting

My blogging absence and lack of activity and photos on Ravelry may make it seem that I've not been knitting much lately. The truth is, I've been working on two projects that I'm not listing on Ravelry because 1) one of them is a sweater for the knitting store where I sometimes work, so I don't really consider it my project, and 2) one of them was mostly knit on a knitting machine, by someone who isn't me, and I'm just doing some finishing on it.



There they are, proof I have been knitting over the past few months.

But really, I've been dreaming about doing some other knitting. Most of these dreams involve purchasing some decadent yarn and starting some intricate lace shawl that's gone viral on Ravelry. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I'll probably just pick up one of the dozens of unfinished projects I have on the needles. Like Damson. Wow, do I feel stupid for having screwed up on that one so often. But I think I've got it this time. I'll probably end up bringing it with me to Chicago next weekend. Maybe it'll even get to visit a knitting store there ...

Oh yeah, another "invisible" project is this pooly, flashy (what is the difference, anyway? I should probably find that out) toe-up sock in Cami Chic by Hazel Knits. I'm not exactly loving the 8-inch size 000 dpns, but they're giving me gauge, which is all I can ask for.


Alright, enough of the unattractively staged WIP photos. Here are some pretty pics of wildflowers and a pile of oranges from my yard. Orangey!



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