Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hunney bee

Today's rainy and gray, but yesterday was warm and sunny and brought out lots of bees.


They were all over one of my orange trees. The scent of the blossoms is quite strong but not as cloying as it has been the past few years.


All this springtime activity inspired me to cast on for the Marie Antoinette socks by Ann Hanson, knit in the Woolen Rabbit's Superwash Merino in Tupelo Honey (makes me think of Van Morrison every time I say Tupelo Honey).


I bought the kit a few years ago but I hadn't been in the mood to cast on for such an ornate, extravagant-looking pair of socks. Ann Hanson has totally demystified this pattern for me. I've never done such a thorough, straightforward sock pattern before. I've been checking out some of her other patterns and was a little shocked by the price she is charging per pattern, but if all her patterns are written this well, it may be worth it.


The Woolen Rabbit yarn is great to work with, and I love the shots of green that run through the ochre color. I'm waiting for an order of her Kashmir yarn in a blue/brown/green and a ruby red, which I'm planning to use for some shawls.

And because I can't get this song out of my head: Lady Gaga and Beyonce, aka Hunney Bee.

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