Friday, March 26, 2010


This shows just how inept I am at this social-networking thing: I've been reluctant/too chicken to 'friend' people on Ravelry. Ravelry! The place where every knitter knows every other knitter's name! The place where the obsessed can sit and share and not feel judged (too much)! No wonder I'm not on Facebook, I suck at this 'friending' stuff.

Well, I just went on a mini friending spree. I added a few of my longtime favorite bloggers, like the ADD Knitter and Knit and Tonic and Stitch Marker, and even added much-lauded designer Robin Melanson (her book 'Knitting New Mittens and Gloves' is gorgeous). Just because I can. Because Ravelry sort of evens out the playing field for all knitters and reminds us not to turn these popular bloggers/designers into rock stars. They're just knitters, like you and me. Even if some of them are geniuses.

And to continue on the spring yarn-buying bonanza, I recently received two skeins of Grey Drizzle Fibers Merino Drip sock yarn in Leaf and Deep Water. The green is pretty accurate, but photographing the dark blue is impossible at this point (gotta read up on the user's manual for my 'fancy' camera). It's not at all bright and shiny, but deep and somber.

The saturated, monochromatic colors are lovely. I had wanted to do the Haruni shawl with the Leaf, but now I'm wondering about some baby sweaters after looking through Vintage Baby Knits.

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