Friday, November 12, 2010

It's getting ridiculous

I just recently discovered the lovely and supremely talented harp player/rock star Joanna Newsom. Last Sunday she played our historic Orpheum Theater (one of few such venues to play in our relatively young city) and declared it "the most beautiful room I've ever played in." Well, shucks, Joanna! I definitely recommend seeing her live.

Anyway, after the concert I was listening to the song "Have One on Me," from her album of the same name, wishing there was some way to weave knitting into a blog post about the concert. Other than the sweater vest that her trombonist wore, there wasn't much knitwear/knitting going on (I had wanted to bring my Wayfarer scarf to work on, but my purse was too small).

As I listened, I had to stop and rewind the song -- had I heard her sing the lyrics " put me straightaway/in the cupboard with/a bottle of champagne,/and that knitter on a train"?

Of course not. A Google search found what are probably the correct lyrics: " put me straightaway/in the cupboard with/a bottle of champagne,/and then later, on a train.:" Well, that does make more sense, doesn't it?

Oh, and I thought I heard the NPR announcer this morning say, "This is Knitting Edition," rather than "Morning Edition." My poor hearing and obsession with this hobby is really screwing with me, obviously.

BTW, the sound quality of this video is excellent, but you can't really see her gorgeous gown.

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