Friday, November 5, 2010


That's how I've been feeling after learning not one but two new-to-me techniques in the past 24 hours: Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off and Ysolda's long-tail tubular cast-on.

After finally completing the ribbing on my Trilobite socks, I tried out Jeny's bind off. It's so easy and has a wonderful give. I have a feeling I didn't bind off as loosely as I could have, but that's OK. Any bind-off that allows a sock to fit nicely around my ginormous calves is alright by me.


The bind-off looks nice and neat as well as being stretchy.


I do love toe-up socks, and this pattern was great and fairly easy to get through, but for some reason it seemed to take forever! I'm feeling like I might want to tackle a regular cuff-down sock next -- one from Cookie A.'s new book, maybe?


Next, I cast on for Jared Flood's Wayfarer scarf. This project might have been just an excuse for me to finally try out Malabrigo Twist, but whatever. It's also my first Jared Flood pattern, so I was doubly excited.


My sweet lord, what yarn!!! It's even squishier than regular single-ply Malabrigo, and the Zinc colorway is a pale gray/lavender and tan. It reminds me of the color of Colinette Jitterbug in Oyster Blush. Freaking gorgeous.

Ysolda's video made the cast-on very clear, and even though I think things got a little wonky there in the center, it's still not too bad. I'm going to have to fend off people who are going to ask me for this scarf (it's for me, duh!), I can already tell.

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Jeny's bind off totally rocks! Your sock looks great. Haven't tried that cast on yet.

And yes, Twist is so squooshy!