Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*I've started alreadyyy ...

Finally, a moment to blog. I've been wanting to, but caring for a young'un and having little time to actually knit has kinda put a crimp in my knit blogging.

But this past weekend, Mother's Day weekend it turns out, I treated myself to some knitting and shopping, and other stuff. Because the only social activity I ever seem to do is go to concerts, this post will also be about that -- this time, Elvis Costello and the Imposters on the opening night of their Revolver tour in Reno. At a casino. Fabulous.

I'd like to say I spent the whole time soused in gin and tonics, chain-smoking up a storm and winning the jackpot at the Star Trek slot machine, but that's not entirely true. What I did do was fill up at a surprisingly excellent sushi buffet and visit the retail location of Jimmy Beans Wool.

I've been ordering from this company for years and often marvel at their huge selection. Suffice it to say I was salivating to get in there. Unfortunately, they don't seem to display all their online offerings in the store, which, while excellent for an LYS, didn't match up to the image in my head of a Target-size store full of yarn, and yarn at huge discounts!

What they did have out was a nice book and pattern selection (including lots of popular self-published items from Stephen West, Ysolda and Cookie A) and a huuuuge amount of Lorna's Laces yarn, which I've never used. So I got some: 2 skeins of shimmery Lion and Lamb in a natural color (I've got an idea for a strange, bulky, cloudlike purse, we'll see) and a skein of Shepherd's Worsted in the very best colorway name in the world: Zombie Barbecue.

The DH was with me and sat patiently as I ran laps around the store, trying to figure out what I could fit into my carry-on. He spied the pattern for Jared Flood's Brownstone and said he wouldn't mind having a sweater like that. Woo hoo, an excuse to try out Shelter yarn!


Amazed at my restraint at Jimmy Beans Wool, I spent the rest of my time in Reno trying to finish the first of my Honey Bee Socks, which I started last spring. Ann Hanson's patterns are detailed and explained very plainly. She can make such an ornate-looking pattern seem really simple, and I love that.


I'm about 3/4 done with the first sock and am excited to finish something. Right now I'm interested in clearing out the UFO closet, so we'll see.

*Can't get Tracy Jordan's EGOT song out of my head.

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