Friday, May 20, 2011

What the what?

I was just cleaning up my subscriptions in my blog reader (does anyone read blogs anymore? anyone?) and found more than a dozen that 1) haven't posted since at least 2008 (around the time I started actively reading blogs {I am always, always behind the times}) and 2) I can't even remember subscribing to them. Interesting to see how people have moved on in their lives and in their crafting.


I've finished the first of my Honey Bee socks. I'm on a WIP kick right now, tackling long-marinating projects with a little gusto. I'm bouncing back and forth between socks (I'm trying to finish my Baudelaires so that I can say I've knit a pair of Cookie A socks, who I supposedly will be sitting with and some other participants for some Vogue Knitting Live! dinner -- more on that another day), my Cerisara from last summer (should be pretty easy to jump right back into that, I hope) and the Maude Honeycomb blanket for an unnamed baby.


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