Saturday, July 16, 2011

That's my boy

We had some time to kill, so HD (Handsome Dude) No. 1 and I stopped by one of my LYSes that has recently changed hands. Thank goodness the new owner has kept much of the store's feel (and stock) the same, and even added some wonderful new stuff, like Madelinetosh. The boy went right for the Tosh Merino in Pop Rocks and wouldn't let go.


The boy has taste (it's obvious who he got that from, and I swear there was no coaxing going on here) and wouldn't give up the goods for the more kid-friendly Spud and Chloe -- I mean, that color! I totally know how he feels. He's gonna love the hat (and a hat for his teeny elephant) that this will make.

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