Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home away from home

Where do people knit? I'm guessing the majority of people knit at home, during a commute or at a knit night/knitting group.

I tend to knit at home mostly, but when it's too busy/noisy/annoying there (most of the time), I escape elsewhere with my knitting. Last night I decided I needed a few good hours of solid knitting time and realized that it was Tuesday, which meant that the yarn store I used to work at was having its knit night that night.

But instead of heading down there to be social, I chose to hit a coffee house down the street. I guess when I have very little time to knit, I want to focus on that and not on chatting.

Well, unfortunately, some folks at the coffee house were in a chatty mood -- so chatty and loud that I could hear them though my iPod was cranked way up. I don't mind people talking, but I hate it when one person dominates what's supposed to be a conversation, and that's what this one guy did -- talk at his two friends. For an hour and a half.

Then I realized I screwed up the button band on my Cria and didn't have enough light or a crochet hook to fix it. I thought about starting some socks with that new sock yarn I bought but didn't have a cable needle to do them two-at-a-time toe-up. Ugh, it was so distracting and dark and annoying ... then I remembered something -- haedn't I wanted to try knitting two socks at a time, one inside the other? What?!!??

A quick search led me to Knitty Fall 2006, Extreme Knitting: 2 socks in 1. Wow, this looks like a challenge, but one I think I need right now. Plus, I had a bright idea to help me tell the difference between the two balls of yarn I'll be using:


Knit two different colored socks! Both pairs will be for DH, so I can knit them identical. Woohoo!

Also, I finally found the square needles -- do they look that square to you? It's hard to tell.


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