Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Under construction

Here's how much of my Cria I've been able to complete in a month:


Not really as much as I'd have liked. It's been the only project I'm working on and I'm getting a little impatient about how long it's taking, but what did I expect knitting sport-weight yarn on size 5 needles?


My buttonholes look a bit wonky, so I've decided to just keep the 3 up top and ditch the rest.

I wanted to have some socks to work on when I wasn't in the mood to work on the Cria, but I've misplaced some new square DPNs from Kollage, size 0, that I wanted to try to see if they could help with my extremely loose knitting. I was going to use those new needles with some new, erm, sock yarn I bought ...




That's Paton's Stretch Socks, 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon and 7% elastic. I've been looking for not-so-wooly sock yarn to knit some socks for the DH and myself (and perhaps the little ones, I've never done a child's sock before, it must be the easiest thing in the world!) and when I found this stuff at $2.97 a ball at Jo-ann the other day (but for some reason it's not on sale on the website), I grabbed enough for 3 pairs.

But it only occurred to me, leaving the Jo-ann parking lot again yesterday (yes, I went back to buy enough for another 2 pairs, sue me), I hadn't looked up any projects using this on Ravelry or looked for any reviews. I assumed this stuff was pretty hard-wearing with the fairly high wool and nylon content, but I have no idea.

If I can't find the freaking Kollage needles soon, I might try knitting a pair of these toe-up two at a time using the Silver's Sock Class tutorial, which I heard about on one of my favorite new knitting podcasts, A Playful Day. She completed a gorgeous pair of knee-highs using that method, so I thought I'd try my hand too.

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