Monday, September 12, 2011

That's the way the cookie ...


This little pile is what I've been able to accomplish so far before jetting off to Vogue Knitting Live in LA next week: two just-started Cookie A socks (Twisted Flower in pink Malabrigo, In and Out in pale blue-grey Squoosh) and a VKL app downloaded to the iTouch.

I had hoped to be further along (OK, I had hoped to finish at least one of the pairs before the trip; do you think that's gonna be possible? You can stop laughing, I really thought I could do it) because, supposedly, I'll be sitting at the designer's table for some overpriced gala meal (it was part of the package I got, I don't generally go for gala dinners with intimidatingly creative designers). I figured I should have at least one of this talented designer's patterns under my belt before I have to sit awkwardly with her and a few other people I don't know and pick at my salad. I mean, what would I say to her? "Oh, I'm such an admirer of your designs! I've had a half-finished Baudelaire on the needles for the past 3 years ..."

I can't seem to get gauge for Aidez and I'm too brain-dead these days to figure it out. But I think once it's started, it'll be a quick knit. Soon, soon.

OK, back to planning the trip ...

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