Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dig if you will

Honestly. The only thing preventing me from posting sometime within the past month and a half (well, not the only thing, but the thing that it really comes down to) has been the lack of visual accompaniment to go along with these words. I can't find the battery charger for either of my stupid cameras!

I've got a pretty OK camera in my smartphone, but you've gotta do some finessing for things to come out all right, and I'm just not patient enough to sit down with the manual and figure it out. So it's just pretty OK photos from now on, I guess.

Well, KAL-ing and yarn buying are in full effect. It seems I'm not holding back in 2012, which is kind of invigorating. I'm in no less than 4, count 'em, 4 KALs (though I'm not starting anything new for the Doubleknit podcast Finish, Frog and Slog-along), and I've cast on for a few other projects. Holy jesus (as my 5-year-old says, unfortunately, as he tries to copy my inappropriate exclamations), I'm out of control!

I've got an action-packed knitting repertoire lately (KALs, yarn buying, club joining, knitterly trip planning, etc.), so I'll ease into this, my return to posting.

Some beautiful Woolen Rabbit Opulence in Birch Beer. I love Ravelry destashes.


Aaaahhhhh. Some kind of shawl or scarf, of course.

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