Thursday, April 2, 2009

(March and) April Fool

March was a big green blur most of the time. Now that it's April, I can take a look back at what I accomplished (destashing and repurchasing yarn, and finishing 2 projects).


The biggest accomplishment was, of course, Ishbel. The pattern was very straightforward and a wonderful first lace project. It would have gone much quicker had I been more focused and less sleep-deprived.


The Hazel Knits I used (the first in a finish project for me!) was lovely and lovely to work with. So springy and squishy! A wonderful shaded solid in teal.



Next is the Darkside Cowl, which I actually finished in February but just ended up redoing the bind-off b/c it was too tight. Perhaps it will count as my Malabrigo March entry.


I had been resistant to the cowl craze b/c who really needs a knitted tube for the neck in Arizona? This one, however, is headed to New York City to be reunited with the rest of the purple Malabrigo, which was made into some cute Evangeline fingerless mitts last year.



Again, the purple Malabrigo was difficult to photograph accurately. I'm sure my lack of photography skills had something to do with it, too. I'm thinking about setting up a little light box and using a tripod to take pics of my newly clean office/craft room! Someday I'll get that set up.

In the meantime, I'm relegated to taking overexposed photos in the backyard. But even though these lovely flowers and veggie garden are too bright, they're still pretty, right?



One of the last cloyingly fragrant orange blossoms


Pea blossoms




Pomegranate flowers


And now for my favorite part: purchases! First, I got a skein of Pigeonroof Studios original sock yarn in Papaya. Gorgeous orangey-red tone-on-tone variation. Although it's not the sock base I used in my first pair of Pigeonroof socks, it's still lovely yarn.



I bought "The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques" after hearing the Stash and Burn review. Haven't really had a chance to take a look at it, but it seems like a really useful book.


I also finally got a pair of the Knit Picks Harmony wooden needles. Really nice to work with, but I'm thinking I also want to buy their Options interchangeable needles for projects that need slicker needles.


And after another Stash and Burn review, I indulged in some Miss Babs yarn. This stuff is worth the hype, and is an incredible value. I got over 1,500 yards in two different yarns,

Yowza! in Merlot Shadows


Solo 1-ply in Rosy Brown


Oh my, the Solo is incredible! It's like a mix between Malabrigo and Manos, but not thick/thin and more of an aran weight. I'm going to do the Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi with it, and I cannot wait.

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