Friday, May 29, 2009

Almost blue

I'm barely squeaking in to have a post in May, but that's OK. The knitting has been melancholy and uncooperative as of late, and I just don't have the energy to try to make things work. Instead, I'm relaxing and contemplating my latest color obsession: blue.



I just received my first shipments from the Madeline Tosh Magnolia Society yesterday. Those are the pale (Piscataway Creek) and intense (Crow) shipments. Aren't they beauteous? It's exactly what I've been craving, but I don't really know what I'm going to be doing with them. I had planned on keeping the one I liked the most and trading for a second in the same color, but I love them both! It's hard being so selfish.

Also received recently is a skein of pale blue/gray/brown Squoosh MCN in Zen:


Also lovely, and again, don't know what this will grow up to be. For now, it's keeping me company.

And on the way to me from Sundara is a skein of FSM in Loves to Dance, also blue/gray/brown. And two skeins of Squoosh MCN in Cowboy Dreams, also etc. Both are quite a score and just what I've been wanting. Ooooh, one more -- Madelinetosh sock in Chambray -- this time a pale blue/white. Oh, the possibilities!

I think I'll post later (!) about actual projects. Fancy that!

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travelknitter said...

Well done on scoring the Sundara - I've never actually managed to get any of her yarn in the frenzied updates. Now that the Seasons Club is over, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a rich brown in the monthly Year in Colour updates.