Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dye-ing to finish something

So I'm working on my Bamboo Yoke Top, which is based on Joelle's Favorite Yoke Sweater from KnitKnit. The yarn is fabulously soft and lustrous and stretchy, but I wasn't sure about the icy blue-green color, which I was in love with last summer and bought a WHOLE BAG of.


I decided to go ahead with the project even though I wasn't sure about the color. Then it struck me: I could overdye the top when it's done! I had bought a small dye kit from Hello Yarn earlier this year but my yarn-overdying plans lost steam (read: family would not go away and leave me in peace to try such an intensive project).


I'm willing to give the overdying a try -- I think a lovely blue/purple/black would do the top some good. I had originally wanted to do the top in my Malabrigo sock in Alcaucil, which is a lovely green/gray/black, but I didn't think a 100% merino top would do me well in the summer desert heat.


And now I'm going to do what I vowed I wouldn't do: talk about non-knitting-related stuff in this blog. I figured I would focus on Phoenix-area events and eateries, in case anyone from out of town (or anyone at all!) ever takes a look at this blog.

Today the DH and HD (Handsome Dude, or my 2.5-year-old) and I had lunch at the Knock Kneed Lobster in Phoenix. As these reviews say, the place is a bit of a grease pit inside, but the food is top-rate for deep-fried fare. The fish fillets (don't know what kind) were tender, the fried shrimp was generous (yes, that 6-inch-long thing that looks like a skinny chicken finger is indeed a shrimp that appears to have been stretched on the rack) and the fries were great. Another plus is the array of sauces available -- cocktail/red, ranch, malt vinegar, tarter and ketchup. Oh, and don't forget to try the delicious hush puppies -- the small serving is enough to share with a few people. A plus: It's a great place to take the kids early on a Saturday morning for an early lunch, b/c the place is deserted and there's a huge picture window that looks out onto the light-rail track along Washington. Wish I would have brought my camera to photograph the kitschy seafaring-themed decor, but you get the idea.

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