Wednesday, August 5, 2009


While the entire knitting world is meeting to discuss socks this week, I'm taking photos of my breakfast and dreaming of sweaters.


That's an almost-finished sio pao bun on the right, a cupcake that HD and DH made on the left, and the strongest iced coffee known to man behind them (I still don't know how to work a coffee maker. That's why I prefer tea bags.).

And why am I showing off my mundane breakfast? Because it's more exciting than the knitting I've barely been doing these days. Although now that HD is in playschool for a few hours a day, I actually have time to knit and blog! Expect better knitting content soon.

Until then, here's what I've been working on: the Amanda jacket from A Fine Fleece, once again dragged out of the WIP pile. Still not exciting, but I'll be so happy to wear it this winter.


I've been itching to cast on another worsted-weight sweater, but I'm still having problems finding one that doesn't take too much brainpower and one that will use the sweater amounts of yarn I already have in my stash.

I keep coming back to the Military Cardigan from Veronik Avery's Knitting Classic Style.


I don't know if it's the gorgeous blue color that I'm attracted to or what. But I don't think I can keep up with all of those cables ...

Maybe I'll try to hunt down a copy of the fall Vogue Knitting and see if there's anything good in there. On the Glint front, I'm almost done with one sleeve -- one more, a collar and seaming to go. I'm not terribly jazzed about it at the moment, probaby because Cotton-Ease isn't the sexiest of yarns. That's why I need to find a sweater pattern so I can use some Malabrigo!

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